Unipark-Programm: Online-Befragungen mit Globalpark-Software

Unipark for the Compostella Group of Universities

With the Unipark program, Globalpark offers its online survey software “EFS Survey” to students, academics and academic institutions of the CGU for conducting sophisticated online research projects, professionally, quickly and of course cost-effectively.

EFS Survey is the online research tool of choice for over 300 businesses worldwide. Its friendly web-based interface allows users to create high quality surveys with minimal effort.

Whether you are researching for a diploma thesis, dissertation or have other needs in the field of academic research, EFS Survey is a tried and tested tool which has to date been used by more than 750 departments at 200 universities and colleges worldwide.

Based on a strategic cooperation between Globalpark and the CHE Consult, Globalpark is able to provide the CGU within its university cooperation program “Unipark” with special benefits and discounted rates.

Exclusive Offer for CGU members

Globalpark’s exclusive offer includes three different packages. One package is focussed specifically on student needs and the two other packages are tailored to the requirements of an academic department or an institute.
For more information regarding the conditions of participation click the Link below:

Licenses for CGU members