Unipark-Programm: Online-Befragungen mit Globalpark-Software

About Unipark

Unipark is the brainchild of Globalpark AG whose founders, Dr. Lorenz Gräf and Prof. Dr. Bernad Batinic, were among the pioneers of online research and have a proven track record in the field, having influenced and accelerated the spread of online research methodologies. Both are also part of the founding community of the German Association for Online Research.

Since Globalpark’s inception in 1999, it has been developing software solutions for online research and today is one of the leading suppliers of enterprise-wide feedback management technologies. This success can be largely attributed to Globalpark’s commitment to understanding the needs of researchers.          

With the portal online-forschung.de, Globalpark also hosts and administers the largest internet information portal for online surveys, online testing and other forms of online research in the German speaking area.

The Unipark program seeks to continue Globalpark’s academic heritage while strengthening the ongoing collaboration with universities and research institutes for information and knowledge exchange.

Unipark Brochure

Unipark broschure engl.